Am I a Suitable candidate for NeoGraft® with Dr Holman?

Millions of both men and women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. There are numerous reasons why this happens, male balding pattern, genetics, hormonal change, medical conditions, or stress.

Whatever the cause, cyclical hair growth and loss is disrupted, and hair follicles are lost. Some people accept their hair loss, while others look for a solution early and with today’s many effective treatments available – they can enjoy life with a full head of hair.

Dr Holman is a specialist in hair restoration as well as a Key Opinion Leader and the Head Trainer for NeoGraft® Australia and New Zealand. With artistic precision and importantly, patience Dr Holman has helped many people both male and female of all ages to dramatically improve their confidence and hairline.

Our treatments with Dr Holman are rooted in medical training and experience. Almost everyone who is not happy with their hair loss – a solution is available, with one caveat, the sooner you seek a solution, the better the results. The NeoGraft® hair restoration procedures are suitable for most people experiencing hair loss.

However, in the spirit of being totally transparent, there are certain factors that may unfortunately eliminate your suitability for a NeoGraft® procedure, including the number of grafts that would be required to produce your desired results and the quantity and quality of your donor hair.

During your initial consultation with Dr Holman, all this will be fully discussed with you. Dr Holman will initially determine the cause of your hair loss and how we can best address it. To rule out any other health issues causing hair loss, blood tests may be performed during this stage. Dr Holman’s medical background, natural approach, artistic eye and caring personality, gives all his patients the best chance to restore their hair.

It’s important to rule out any underlying issues such as genetic histories, age-related factors, hormone levels, stress and lifestyle choices. Dr Holman will identify the cause of your hair loss and will then be able to determine a course of action that is suitable for your unique situation. Dr Holman will also help you to reduce, manage or prevent further hair loss with natural anti-ageing procedures using leading modern medical technology.

The NeoGraft® treatment is available to a wide range of men and women, of all ages. The revolutionary, minimally invasive automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) implantation technology of NeoGraft® is the most successful hair restoration system that has brought so much confidence to so many people. The NeoGraft® treatment is available to a wide range of men and women, of all ages.

With NeoGraft®, this amazing technology has rendered a comprehensive manual procedure obsolete. Dr Holman and his team draw on extensive experience to redefine what’s possible for all people suffering from premature balding and thinning hair. NeoGraft can restore your hair, even if there’s not a lot of follicles at the back of your head.

At The Medical Hair Institute, Dr Holman believes that the NeoGraft® FUE transplants are the best choice for most hair loss patients as the minimally invasive procedure creates full natural-looking hairlines with no visible scars. Suitable for most men and women of all ages, you can expect to enjoy new growth with the NeoGraft® procedure that is safe and with a relatively pain-free, quick recovery.

Your entire hair replacement journey with Dr Holman provides a caring experience in a beautiful, calm clinical space that will help lift your spirit and boost confidence. Clinical where it needs to be and relaxing everywhere else. Balancing art and science, our cosmetic surgical treatments are based on your goals and aim to deliver a natural outcome, with minimal downtime.

Once your NeoGraft® procedure is complete, Dr Holman will give you some aftercare products and instructions to take home with you to ensure you experience a speedy recovery with optimal results. As NeoGraft is a minimally invasive procedure performed with no incisions, there’s relatively minimal pain or discomfort afterwards.

The newly implanted grafts may feel t ender and appear slightly raised for about three days, but they will gradually flake off as a natural part of the healing process. Depending on your work environment most people take a few days of ‘downtime’ before returning to work and other everyday activities.

Dr Holman will ask you to return to us after one week for a post procedure consultation, a gentle hair wash and style to assist you in the healing process and to help minimise any signs of having had the procedure.